Press Quotes

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"Canadian cum California girl Laura Harrison is blessed with a perfect mid-range alto that is sharply defined and true...What's special is the eutection of Harrison's carefully schooled craft regarding melody and her "no fear" attitude toward taking chances...The singer's clever combination of her "Reflections" and Cole Porter's "I Concentrate on You" complement one another very well, accented by bassist Kevin Axt's deft walking. It is proper that Laura Harrison has her say musically.”

-C. Michael Bailey, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"What a better way to start Canadian singer/composer Laura Harrison debut album ‘Now....Here’ than with the extraordinaire interpretation and fabulous scats in the Sarah Vaughan song ‘Shulie a Bop.’ The hard swing, superb scats and amazing phrasing on this first track should tell you what's this lady is all about. Laura is a singer with complete command over her voice, a master of scats and improvisations. This is how a Jazz singer should sound like...Her compositions, ‘Now....Here’ with lyrics that reflect the struggle to finally record her first album. Reflections, and the two jazzy tunes ‘Mi Alma’ and ‘Teesa's Blues’ are interesting both melodically and harmonically with a touch of poetry and personal lyrics, but always leaving space for vocal improvisations.”

-Wilbert Sostre, Jazz Times

“My goal as a vocalist is to use my voice as a vehicle to deliver a sincere interpretation of the message of the lyric and to honour the chord changes when I solo,” says Laura of her work. Well Laura; mission accomplished!...Now …Here is a wonderfully diverse and texturally engaging CD. Harrison’s debut is a strong calling card into the national marketplace and Harrison is definitely up to the task...On this auspicious debut Harrison splashes onto the scene with a positive imprint."

-Steven Harband, ALL ABOUT VOCALS

“Laura Harrison is a mezzo-soprano who performs both classical and jazz repertoire, on her debut album Now....Hereshe focuses her talents on the jazz songbook [with just a single dip into the classical], performing with two different trios across the dozen tracks. Ms. Harrison has a singular voice, it tends to ride high over the musicians instead of being in there with them, which makes for a distinctive vocal style that is a little unexpected...Indeed, Now....Here was funded by sponsorship, with hundreds of her fans and friends pre-buying a copy of the album - and the recording costs of each track were also sponsored. This certainly shows the level of confidence and admiration for her vocal skills. I think if you admire the vocal talents of Cleo Lane then I think you may well find this album to your tastes too.” 

-John M. Peters, The Borderland

“Our kind of gal. She scats like a first waver even though she’s far away from it and digs Ralph Towner as much as she digs Sting...whether she’s delivering on originals that are artsy but hit the mark or doing the classic workouts of her mentors, while putting her own stamp to them, this is a right on jazz vocal find by a comer that’s going to be leaving her mark in the wake of this auspicious, self-funded debut. Tasty all the way.” 

-Chris Spector, Midwest Record